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Manhattan SLL
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With students, Elizabeth supports the unique relationship between oral and printed language.  Speaking, hearing, reading, and writing are given equal emphasis, resulting in students with proficiencies that translate across domains.


Through multi-sensory, individualized instruction, a student will learn the phonetic, morphological, and pragmatic skills necessary for achievement. Auditory & phonological processing, vocabulary development, and organizational skills are directly taught.

Elizabeth teaches not just literacy, but a love of books & writing. Manhattan SLL's vision is for every student to understand every text. Her sessions create confident children prepared for advanced college studies in the 21st century. 


services offered:

Speech-Language Testing & Therapy

Reading Disability/Dyslexia Evaluations

Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

Writing for various Subject Areas 

Study Skills & Executive Function Coaching

Academic Enrichment & Test Prep

Family Consultation & Advocacy

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